What Is Macrame? An Overview Of Macrame Art

TDy Corners What is Macrame_ An Overview Of Macrame Art

Macrame art is increasingly popular and loved around the world.

If you are a home decorating lover in general and Bohemian style in particular, surely you used to have come across decorative items with many unique shapes, woven from cotton cords.

The first time I saw a macrame product was in a suggested picture of a boho-style bedroom decorating. And that’s exactly a macrame wall hanging.

I wondered my self that it must be patience and talent so much to create such a macrame wall hanging.

Let’s with TDy Corners learn more about this art through the below sharing:

I. What is Macrame art?

Macrame has just been introduced to Vietnam and has been popular for more than 3 years. So at the time I knew about this art, there was quite a bit of information to learn.

All information about this macrame art must be searched on foreign websites and wikipedia.

According to the definition of Oxford dictionary, Macrame is defined as the art of knotting or stringing in patterns to make decorations.

Regarding the origin of this art, there are many different information flows.

But the flow of information that many people consider best suited is a branch of this art was originated in the Babylonians and Assyrians with evidence of knitting and plaiting styles such as tassels to adorn the clothing of that time and was stored on stone statues. Another branch that originated in the Arabs and Turks with products such as towels, shawls, tassels and tools of fly repellent for camels and horses. (So funny for an art, right?)


Through a long history of war events and the need to trade goods, Macrame art in general and macrame products in particular have been spread around the world.

Great contribution to this spread came from the sailors on the ocean liner who made their own macrame products during the spare time of their voyage and traded them at the places where they landed.

Macrame art became popular during the Victorian period. It is decorated in most houses through items such as tablecloths, bed sheets, curtains …

Through many outdated periods and trends, macrame artists have constantly created new models with high aesthetics that meet the standards of beauty to help macrame reach more objects.

Nowadays, the macrame art is gradually becoming a separate decorative style and is welcomed by many people worldwide.

II. Application of Macrame art

1. Using for home decorating

The main and primary application of macrame products is in the home decorating field. Especially for those who love Bohemian style, macrame is an indispensable product to exude the liberal and free look of this style.

The main products of macrame art and are popular in home decorating are as below:

Macrame wall hanging:

Macrame leaves:

Macrame for bottle decorating:

Macrame carpet:

Macrame table runner:

Macrame pillow cover:

Macrame dream catcher:

Macrame wedding backdrop:

2. Using for items in life

Beside of using macrame in home decoration, macrame artists are always creating and applying macrame to life.

Such as: Macrame swing, Macrame plant hanger, Macrame dress, Macrame bag, Macrame bracelet, Macrame earring…

Indeed there are many other macrame ideas that are always being created every day. You can find more new ideas and inspiration about Macrame on Pinterest or e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Ebay ……

III. Materials in Macrame art

Certainly the main material of macrame art will be cotton cords. However, with the development, creativity and practical needs, the macrame artis have combined cotton wire with other materials such as linen, jute, leather, wood, metal, paint, paper…. to create new and more unique products.

When I first started learning about macrame art, I had many difficulties when classifying and selecting cotton cords for my macrame products.

Most of the suppliers introduce their products made from 100% cotton. However, not always.

Below is a comparison picture between 100% cotton and blended cotton.

100% cotton cord
blended cotton cord

Regarding the style of cotton cords, there are 3 types: 1-strand twisted, 3-strand twisted and knitting.

Regarding the diameter: depending on the size of the macrame product, the artist chooses the cord with different diameters.

The small products such as bracelets, earrings … require meticulous details that can be used with 1 mm cord. Products that are large and need robustness such as swings and hammocks can be used with a cord up to 7 mm in diameter. Usually macrame products will use cord with a diameter of 2mm, 3mm, 4mm.

IV. Some common knots used to make macramé products

There are 12 common knots used by artisans to make Macrame products:

  1. Squere Knot
  2. Lark’s Head
  3. Square Knot Button
  4. Gathering Knot
  5. Overhand Knot
  6. Single Half Hitch
  7. Double Half Hitch
  8. Half Knot
  9. 3-Part Braid
  10. Alternating Square Knot
  11. Berry Knot
  12. Chinese Crown Knot

In addition to these 12 knots, there are still some other knots that can be used to make Macrame products, but less common than the 12 listed above.

V. Could we use macrame for outdoor or wash in water?

Macrame products can be completely used for outdoor purposes. But it should be avoided in rainy conditions. Because rainwater will make the cotton fibers become stuck, seriously affecting the beauty of Macrame products.

In addition, if you want to prolong the shelf life of Macrame products, you should limit them to too long outdoors.

The effect of direct sunlight, temperature and moisture will cause the cotton to quickly rot. Hence reducing the beauty and quality of these macrame products.

Another issue that many of you are concerned about is that when the Macrame products are dirty for using in a long time, can you wash the macrame products in water?

Generally for Macrame products that do not use glue or paint to style, you can soak and wash them in water.

However, be careful not to clean or rub too hard because it will make cotton fibers ruffled, affecting the beauty of macrame products.

TDy Corners Set Of 9 Macrame Monstera Leaves Wall Hanging For Gift And Decoration In Living Room, Bedroom, Nursery With Boho Style (100% Cotton, 9 Leaves, Wooden Stick Included) (10)

In my opinion, if the Macrame products get dirty due to dust, then only use a damp cotton cloth or cotton broom to brush these layers of dust.

Because although how careful you get when washing in water, the beauty and quality of the Macrame products are affected. In addition, with the Boho style that emphasizes liberal, the slightest dust will not affect too much.

VI. Why does macrame product get high price?

Macrame is the art in which artis use their full strength to create products. Currently, no one can use machines to make macrame products. So it is almost impossible to produce in bulk to reduce costs.

The prices of these macrame products also depend on the design, the quality of the cotton cord and the meticulousness of the knots.

In addition, macrame products are also quite cumbersome, so the cost of shipping also affects the price so much.

Maybe you will see macrame products with extremely cheap prices, but consider carefully about how design and quality are like? Are knots meticulous or negligent? And are cotton cords really soft?

TDy Corner

My wife and I always devote a lot of enthusiasm to each design with each knot. What I send to you is not only the product but also the desire to help you decorate the room more beautifully through macrame products.

If compared with products of the same design and quality, our products are priced very competitively.

I and my wife really hope to be loved and supported by you.

VII. Where to buy macrame products?

Currently, it is not too difficult for you to find and buy macrame products on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, Ebay or other websites.

However, consider carefully the style and quality of each product you intend to buy.

TDy Corners is also Amazon selling partner and uses FBA service for our whole products, this makes delivery faster.

I am providing 7 Macrame products that are popular today. You can find more inspiration about home decorating by visiting our store.


Above are the information about Macrame art that I learned as well as my own feelings and opinions during making.

Hope this share helps you have an overview of the macrame art as well as have more notes in the process of choosing to buy and use macrame products.

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If this sharing is helpful to you, do not hesitate to give me a share and pin.

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