What Is Bohemian Style In Home Interior?

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Recent years, Bohemian style (Boho style) is trend on the world. They do not only choose clothe with Boho style but also looking for new interior idea with this style.

As an Asian, I have little chance of encountering Boho-style houses in Vietnam.

All I know about this style is through the art of macrame, instruction on the internet and inspiration through pictures on the internet.

So what is Bohemian style in interior? Is this style really necessary?

With all my experience about macramé art in 2 years and collecting information on internet, I will answer above questions in below sharing.

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1. Sketchy knowledge and definition of Bohemian style in home interior

1.1 Sketchy knowledge

Bohemian style in home decorating began from the 19th century in France. This style was inspired by artists, writers, performers and nomads who believed that the creativity was more valuable than money.


With the convergence of their respective cultures, ideals, and refusal to conform to what was accepted, they inadvertently started an interior design trend.

The Bohemian style, named for those nomadic artists intended to overturn beauty standard by tossing out the rules and embracing the unconventional.

1.2 Definition of Bohemian style in interior

In order to understand term “bohemian”, it is necessary to gain knowledge about origin of this term. It comes from the French word “La Boheme”.

They believed that the people who live in Bohemian initiated this style because these people often have unique ideas to solve their problems.

But today, this term is used mainly to describe the libertine lifestyle of most artists in 19th century.


Bohemian styles are defined by a lack of structure, opting instead for carefree layers of pattern, texture, and color. While there are some common practices with the bohemian look, there are no hard and fast rules like there are with modern or minimalist. The core of the bohemian aesthetic is that it’s personal and relaxed. Boho styles are not styled for any other person’s enjoyment but your own.

2. Characteristics of interior design in Bohemian style

Although there are no definitive instructions for this style, there are common practices that are a great starting point to inspire those boho vibes. Layering eclectic patterns, different types of lighting, and saturated colors instantly help to achieve the look.

2.1 Design


“The Bohemian life is centered around the art, music, literature, and political discourse. Furniture is selected for comfort and interest. Objects are collected only as they represent memories, friends, beliefs, etc. Nothing is selected to impress others, only to reflect one’s life story and values.” – Beverly Solomon Designer

– The overall look is as complicated or as clean as you want it to be.

– More is more, this is a style where there is no such thing as “too much”.

– All types of furniture work in this aesthetic, from chaise lounges to floor cushions to a standard sofa and pillows.

– This style isn’t so much about creating definitive lines as it is about creating an atmosphere that you enjoy.

2.2 Color palette

“Metallic golds, as well as bright shades of emerald greens, royal blues, pinks and reds are important in a bohemian styled space. Bright colors set the stage for the eclectic mesh of style.” – Bridget Desroches, Interior Designer


– With bohemian, since there are no rules, there aren’t standard main colors or accent colors. You can go for a clean look, a bold style, or somewhere in the middle.

– If you want to keep a cleaner look, select a more neutral base such as white or tan, using the more intense colors in your textiles and décor in layers.

– If you want to create a bold statement, choose a striking color such as vivid pink, amethyst purple, clementine orange, avocado green, or azure blue for your walls, adding more colors through your décor choices.

2.3 Decorating


“A great example of Bohemian pieces you can use in your home include vintage Bohemian styled pillows, classic floor poufs and beanbags, and area rugs with a mixture of colors and textures. This often includes the mixing of materials such as burlap with more sleek materials like silk.” – Brett Barter Designer

– With a history inspired by artists, it makes sense to embrace handmade pieces such as paintings, quilts, rugs, macramé, sculptures, or pottery.

– Layer rugs, pillows, throws, and more throughout the space. There’s no such thing as “too much” in this style.

– Add a plethora of lights such as pendants, sconces, lamps, or candles to create a cozy atmosphere.

– Add vintage treasures, souvenirs from travels, or flea market finds to create more variety to your home.Add botanicals such as ferns or succulents for a refreshing pop of color.

3. Tips for decorating in Bohemian style

3.1 Pick the right colors

Bohemian style is almost similar to shabby chic style. The fascinating thing about bohemian style or shabby chic style is that there’s no need of sticking to any specific rules when adopting the style for doing up your home. However, there are surely some common colors. People opting for bohemian style prefer using metallic shades and warm, earthy colors. It would be a good idea to pick terra cotta, brown, gold and various other colors belonging to that family.


Electric blue, fiery orange, saturated purple, and other such jewel tones also do great when used for accessories like art and tapestries. The secret to a perfect bohemian interior lies in combining various warm colors in the right proportions. You have to remember that when it comes to boho style interior, there’s no space for white and most other cool colors. When decorating your rooms in boho style you should be ready to mix a lot of patterns.

In addition, also don’t hesitate to use colors you would have never picked when decorating your rooms conventionally. Try out things like layering throws on furniture and hanging area rugs and tapestries on the walls.

3.2 Choose decorative materials abiding by the bohemian philosophy


Bohemian interiors require the creator to boost the ability to come up with unique mix and match ideas.

You can use various natural materials such as sisal and burlap and combine them with chenille and silk to come up with more interesting creations.

It would be good if you work with materials that sport slightly worn appearance. Don’t commit the mistake of using damaged materials; just make sure that the materials are not brand new or shiny.

Every single item from lampshades to curtains to pillows may have fringes on them.

3.3 Bohemian furniture

You will get bohemian furniture is any store selling old and antique furniture. An ideal boho room should be filled with furniture (the original bohemian people kept collecting furniture and piled them up in their rooms). So, try to get as many vintage and second-hand items as you can.


Unlike most other styles of interior decoration, the sizes and shapes of the furniture are not very important when you are trying to decorate your rooms in boho style. However, make sure every single piece you are using is special and tells a story. Your aim should be forcing the visitors to wonder where you have collected all those pieces. If you are not sure what kind of furniture you should pick, go for Victorian items.

The Victorian style is ideal for bohemian style interiors as they almost have nothing that matches the style of modern-day furniture. Fainting couches and chaises done in saturated colors and boasting dark carved wooden frames are some of the pieces you should look to buy.

3.4 Don’t forget to use accessories


Picking the right accessories is one of the most important steps in the process of decorating a room irrespective of the style you have adopted. However, the importance of accessories becomes even more when doing up rooms in boho style. Like furniture, every accessory placed in a boho room should tell a story. Some of the items you can use include mismatched china clay articles, maps, vintage bottles, ornate boxes etc. Bohemians were known for being nomads; they used to travel a lot and collect items from different parts of the world.

If you don’t know how to decorate your interior you can simply buy a funny and attractive item- like this African wall decor that will cozy up your home in an instant.


Don’t forget! When picking accessories for your bohemian rooms you must ensure that you get items from various countries. The items picked by you might even include some glamorous pieces. For instance, you can look for articles like decorative gold mirrors and striking crystal chandeliers. It would be even better if those glamorous items are bought from antique stores.

4. Bohemian style designs in the interior are remarkable


With the knowledge we have provided above, I hope you can understand what is the Bohemian style in the interior and how to make this style in your house.

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