Way To Decorate Small Balcony With 5 Very Simple Steps


If your small balcony corner is wasted or forgotten, the following very simple ways to decorate small balcony will make your home more impressive and brilliant.

1. Step 1: Decorating The Balcony Wall

Decorating with artificial plants

If you do not have much experience in designing and planting flowers or your balcony receives too much sun, cause the plants cannot grow. Decorating balcony wall with artificial plants both brings green space and saves space for your home.


Vertical garden

Balcony walls can be turned into vertical gardens by installing small pots, interspersed with flowers and plants.


In addition, if you are lovers of Boho style, decorating the balcony wall with some macrame plant hangers is great choice.


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Wall decoration accessories

Adding small accessories is a very simple way to decorate small balcony. Your balcony will become brighter and livelier when adorned with a lovely collection of decorations.

And even more brilliant when there are flower bouquets placed in decorative accessories.


2. Step 2: Decorating The Balcony Floor

Replacing marble on the balcony with wooden floors is also a change of “look” for your balcony. With diverse designs and high durability, wood flooring is the first choice chosen by many families.


Outdoor natural balcony wood flooring is a family-friendly choice.


Wood plastic composite flooring makes your home space more warm, luxurious and stylish.

3. Step 3: Furnitures In Balcony

Folding tables and chairs

Don’t forget to paint on a suitable color to protect the furniture from the impact of rain and sun on the balcony

A small set of wooden tables and chairs, eye-catching carpets and string lights turn the small balcony corner into a strangely attractive place.

Hanging table

Decorating a small balcony with a smart hanging table is both convenient to use and saves space for your home.


No need to invest too much, you can still take advantage of the corner of the balcony to enjoy a relaxing tea corner on a pretty small balcony

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Take advantage of the corner of the balcony to have a smart 2-tier storage shelf.

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Hanging chairs

A chair hanging on the balcony is suitable for those who love romance. Add a few pillows and thin towels, your balcony is like a luxury resort, right?


A swing designed firmly enough for everyone to wish to have a special corner of the balcony like this.

Add pillows and velvet carpet to create a more luxurious feeling for your balcony.
The bright colors and soft material of the hammock are sure to bring great moments of relaxation.

L shaped folding chair

Make full use of every space with an L-shaped chair that is always a smart choice for small balcony corners.


Lovely L-shaped folding chairs arranged in a small balcony with mattresses and pillows are a great idea for a corner to enjoy tea and catch the sunrise every morning.

Small Bed

A bed that fits the balcony is an interesting idea for those who love nature, like to watch the stars and catch the sunrise right here.


There’s nothing better than enjoying dinner on a soft bed.


A bed with vibrant colors brightens up the corner of your balcony.

4. Step 4: Decorating The Balcony Railing

Clamped Flowerpots

Using clamped flowerpots both saves space and ensures safety for your small space.


5. Step 5: Decorating The Balcony With Accessories

Just a few small items such as candles and decorative lights make your small balcony corner become so sparkling and romantic. You can also combine carpets and pillows with the right colors to make the space more beautiful.



Simple, monochrome balcony with black and white rugs and pillows.


No need to buy expensive furniture, you can completely decorate using unique pillows.


Small balcony corner adds attraction with colorful pillows.

Candles and lights

If you are a romantic girl, candles and lights are indispensable accessories when decorating the balcony, right? A comfortable chair, some pillows, and a thin blanket. Add a bit of dim sparkle of candles and lamps and you have a romantic date corner.

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Thus, just a few small details and a reasonable arrangement have helped your small balcony corner become more impressive and attractive. With suggestions on how to decorate a small balcony, we hope you have more ideas for your balcony.

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