Make Highlight With 12 Decorating Ideas For Old Wall

TDy Corners Make Highlight With 12 Decorating Ideas For Old Wall

If you are looking for handmade decorating ideas for old wall that are both simple and beautiful, and make your home space change significantly, the wall decorating ideas in this sharing are the answer for you.

You do not have to have a huge budget to create a wall “breathtakingly beautiful”. In this sharing, TDy Corners has compiled 12 modern wall decorating ideas that are both economical and suitable for your aesthetic taste.

I. Decorating the old wall with paint

Painting is a basic method of decorating and renovating the old wall to bring about a long effect, you can refer to the following wall painting decoration ideas:

1. Paint the old wall in contrasting colors

In order to get an eye-catching decorative wall, what you need to prepare is paint and one afternoon to paint the wall.


Choosing a suitable color is very important because the wall is the main highlight of the house.

Choose a paint color that matches all other colors in the space.

If the current paint color is warm tone, then you should choose a cool tone for the decorative wall.

Be careful with neutral tones, as pale tones can cause your wall to lose connection with the entire house.


2. Paint the pattern on the wall

If wall painting is a decorative way beyond your capabilities, with a thin paper or mica, you can change the look of any room.

The newly updated wall patterns are extremely beautiful and easy to use. With just one wall paint mold, you don’t even need to repaint your walls.

Instead, just add a little color according to the mold. This is a great way to accentuate a wall decor without overloading the room with colors and patterns.


You will not have to come up with big ideas to get a good wall decorating.

The most popular trend for decorating with mold today is neutral colors.

Using silent color tones as the background, it can be free for you to use patterns to create a decorative wall in a modern or classic style.


II. Press and paste the wall with decorative materials

In order to get the walls that look classy don’t always need painting. Although painting is the most common and traditional method of decorating, but painting is not always easy to make and not possible by everyone.

Painting a room can be messy, time consuming, and complexity increases when you paint the ceiling, paint furniture, or paint the walls.

So why not choose other less complicated decor materials for your wall?

The wall decorative materials today are very diverse in patterns as well as there are many prices for you to choose from:

3. Self-adhesive wallpaper

Short-term wallpapers are gaining popularity and a budget-friendly option for you.

If you want to change your style often, this is the option for you.

The recommended areas to use self-adhesive wallpaper are your living room, bedside wall decoration and in a room that does not have many highlights from the original architectural design.

Wallpaper with vertical stripes pattern can make your ceiling look taller and horizontal striped wallpaper will battle your room looking bigger.


Don’t limit yourself to monotonous décor, because you can use this wallpaper to decorate the back of a bookshelf or right behind a cabinet and make your home impression.

4. Press the wall with wooden pallet

The wooden pallet material always makes your interior space stand out. With this material, you can easily and economically add a vintage style to your house.

This decorative pallet wooden wall can help you create a warm space without having to spend too much effort.

The raw wood material is not really space fastidious. You can apply this material to the living room or the bed room.


5. Antique brick and foam wall stickers

Raw brick decorative walls are extremely eye-catching and can change all looks of your house.

You can use raw brick to bring a rustic style to the space.

This is an old home wall decorating that is quite popular, but this method is more expensive and laborious than other ways.

If you really like this style but do not have the time or the economic ability, you can consider fake foam wall stickers to create highlights for your wall.


Newly released foam wall stickers can both bring elegance and modernity to your living room as well as have many patterns for you to chose.

III. Top 7 ways of decorating the old wall that is easy and unique

With a little creativity, you can break away with decorative methods that are both easier and more beautiful than painting the walls, brich or foam wall stickers.

Immediately below, you’ll see 9 real examples of homeowners who have found clever, creative ways to decorate an empty wall without wasting a drop of paint or a brush.

That not only helps to give variety in the décor, but is also a great way to conceal defects like screw holes or mold stains on the wall.

6. Use confetti stickers

In this example, Tdy Corners would like to introduces a way to cover up small stains on the wall of a rental apartment by using confetti stickers.

This is a sticker with different colors and shapes that is used to cover the screw holes in the wall.

The advantage of confetti stickers is that it can be removed easily when you want to replace it or move to another place.

This is a convenient and creative decoration method as well as easy to replace.


7. Wall carpet and macrame products

If you do not want to waste time and effort in filling up the mold stains and screw holes on the wall, then wall carpet is a good choice.

Carpets are very easy to use. Just choose the carpets made of burlap fabrics and unique patterns that you can create highlights for the room.


Another solution for the old wall that you can not ignore is decorating with macrame products.

The macrame prodcuts will be decorations with bohemian (boho) style that make the chilly rooms warmer.

However, normally it will be difficult for beginner to make macramé or dream catcher by themselves.

So if you do have enough of time, let’s find out latest and unique macrame products with the reasonable price on TDy Corners’s store.

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8. Decorating the wall with washi tape

This is a perfect way to decorate a small area of ​​white wall, perfect for a boy’s bedroom.


With this black and white home wall decoration, the boring walls will stand out more, and also a smart way to cover the defects by the drill hole and the nail of the picture hanger.

Washi adhesive tape is named base on the name of a traditional Japanese handmade paper – Washi paper.

Because it is made from that old handmade paper, Washi adhesive tape inherits many advantages such as beautiful, diverse, durable, light, warm, especially easy tearing in many directions because Washi paper there is no grain.

Besides, Washi adhesive tape is also glued on all surfaces and can be peeled off without leaving any traces.


For best results you need to clean the surface thoroughly before applying, so remove dirt from the wall with a mild detergent or cloth. Wait until the wall is dry, then stick with Washi.


9. Make a masterpiece with sticky notes


That’s right, the colorful Pixel Art-style on the wall you’re seeing here is bat-man and spider man, made by sticking sticky notes on the wall in all of colors. This work was completed without using anything other than sticky notes.

10. Decorating the wall with printed photos

You can create an inspirational wall easily from magazine photos, family photos or your own photos.

If you still have a large number of digital photos that you want to display, print them all out and make a giant wall by using these printed photos.

Organize your unique photos in the same as house bricks for fun, novelty, and note that to print the pictures in the same size or arrange them on a staggered basis.

If you have a collection of unused postcards, you can also use them to decorate in this way.


11. Decorating the wall with hangers

In order to make this cool and cute home wall decoration, you don’t need to be a skilled craftsman or a professional designer.


Remember to always choose the type of hanger that best matches the weight of each piece of art you want to hang.

Regardless of the size of the work you want to hang, you should use two clips to hang each piece, that will help the piece to be more balanced and fixed.

According to the secret that is often used in museums and exhibitions, you should hang a hight 135 cm above the ground. It’s the ideal spot to focus your eyes on your handmade home wall decor.

12. Decorating the wall with Canvas art

With its popularity and high flexibility, you can easily find canvas art pictures in many online furniture stores.

However, if you want a canvas picture at a reasonable price and shows your personal style rather than the popular products of the stores.

You can still design yourself a unique picture with canvas style at home by choosing your favorite pictures (be it family portraits, memorable travel memories or are funny drawings of children).

Then ask the help of a printing shop to get the photo according to your requirements, you have an own Canvas picture.


Always preparing rulers and available  measurements when working on canvas art, always making sure that the hangers are correctly closed.


Today, art is a lot of things and can be anything. The beauty of each work of art depends on the perceptions of each person.

Like installation art, wall-decoration requires you to have the skill of creatively combining separate objects together.

The uniquely simple home wall decorating ideas in this article do not come entirely from professional designers.

TDy Corners hopes that this sharing helps you love the embellishment of the living space, as well as have more inspiration and solutions of practical home decorating.

You can find more inspirations about Boho style home deacorating with Macrame art in our store.

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