Innocent and Liberal, The 19-year-old Girl Impresses With The Bohemian Photo Set

TDy Corners Innocent and Liberal, The 19-year-old Girl Impresses With The Bohemian Photo Set

Not only in the world, the Bohemian style is also gradually popular and loved in Vietnam in recent years.

Beside more and more families preferring to use macrame products in home decorating, many young people also bring this style into fashion.

Nguyen Phuong Thao, born in 2002 in Gia Lam, Hanoi, recently made an impressive photo shoot when she transformed into a nomadic Bohemian grazing girl.

Let’s with TDy Corners to contemplate her Bohemian photo set.

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Anyone should have a goal, a passion to follow and use that as a motivation to strive. Phuong Thao is no exception when she has a special love for modeling.

“Up to now, it has been more than 3 years since I started entering the photography industry. After every photo I take, for every project I do, my passion for work, love for a camera tube are getting bigger and bigger. “ Phuong Thao shares.

But not all paths are easy and favorable. One issue that Phuong Thao always worries about is that her family does not fully support her in doing art.

For parents, they always want their children to have a stable job. But not so that Thao hastily gave up her dream, the young girl is still working hard to prove to everyone that she can do it.


In order to pursuit her passion of photo modeling, in the coming time, Thao will embark on learning graphic design, make-up, and photography to be able to serve herself.

According to Thao, the motivation of her life is the saying: “Father is not perfect … but I always love you in the most perfect way”. Because the person Phuong Thao respects and loves the most ever is her father.

Therefore, thinking of her father as a 19-year-old girl seems to be motivated, confident and ready to step forward like a guide. This stems from a great shock in Phuong Thao’s life.


When asked about this issue, Thao was touched: “The biggest pain I have ever experienced is that when I was in grade 11, my father passed away. Even though it has cooled down somewhat, every time I think about my father, I feel hurt and miss my dad. Because of this, the burden on his mother’s shoulder is growing when reluctantly to become the breadwinner of the family “.

Loving her mother and being the eldest sister in the family, Thao is making more and more efforts to become financially independent and support her family in the future.


Honestly, when I heard Thao’s story, I really admired this girl’s energy. It is not easy at all for us to pursuit the passion. Especially if we can not earn money from our passion, we will also give up sooner or later.

I also like this, although knew and pursuit passion of macrame art more than 2 years, but until now I have not yet spent full time for macrame art. Simply macrame art has not yet helped me to ensure my life. My family need me and my income. But I am trying my best to persuit my passion about Bohemian in general and Macrame art in particular.

I hope I can spend full my time to create Macrame products as well open a small workshop soon to help poor people in my village having a job and income.


Anyway, Let’s take a look at the beautiful Bohemian photo set of the girl full of determination – Phuong Thao and wish this young girl success with all her upcoming plans.

Through this Bohemian photo set, we can see that Bohemian style always has has an attractive beauty and inspiration for fashion creativity.

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