BAT TRANG Terracotta House Won At The International Architecture Awards

TDy Corners BAT TRANG Terracotta House Won At The International Architecture Awards

Located in the heart of the famous pottery village, Bat Trang Terracotta House inherits traditional values ​​and develops modern spirit through an impressive terracotta brick house architecture.

Under the design of Vo Trong Nghia Architect, the house is honored to receive the Wallpaper Design Awards 2021 in the category “Best New House” organized by the prestigious British architectural and design magazine.


With an area of ​​220 square meters and a five-floors height, Bat Trang Terracotta House is not only the living space of a large family of seven, but also a showroom for the family’s pottery business.

Bat Trang House is built based on the desire for a living space with the presence of nature. Therefore, the design unit created a three-layers of ventilation system including: terracotta brick wall, green trees layer and glass door.


The host family consists of 7 members, they also regularly welcome relatives and friends to come to play and cook together. Besides the main function of a house to live in, this project is also a pottery shop.

Terracotta brick wall:

Playing as the first ventilation layer in the passive ventilation system of the house, the terracotta bricks are arranged into cells from small to large.


With this flexible layout, the house creates an exhaust and ventilation system, which keeps the temperature inside cool.

Not only that, but the cells from terracotta bricks also create a Vietnamese pattern for the front of the house.

Green trees:

Behind a wall made of terracotta bricks is a green tree with tall trees reaching a green leaf canopy through large windows.


With the main task of air conditioning, dust prevention, the green tree buffer plays an important role in reducing heat into the living space.

In addition, the green tree factor is also a balance between modern comfortable life and friendly life with nature.

Glass door:

The last ventilation layer is designed with large glass windows opening up an open living space.


By this 3-layer ventilation system, homeowners can save energy when using the air conditioner.

In addition to the task of ventilation, the glass doors combined with windows and opening cells also have function of light for the house.

The light passes through enough for the house to have a bright space without blazing hot.

Let’s with TDy Corners contemplate some pictures of this Bat Trang Terracotta House

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