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They laughed at me when I start making Macrame products, But when i finished…

I am Tan – an engineer of ship building. I and my wife live in small fishing village in Nha Trang City, Viet Nam.

Two years ago, by a chance we found Bohemian style and Macrame art once looking for ideas of decorating my old room.

We were fallen in love at first sight with beauty of Macrame products. That was a unique beauty from cotton cords and knotting.

After that we introduced to my friends as well as learning how to make Macrame products on Youtube.

Perhaps as an engineer with boring character same as steel of ship, so that when my friends knew I was learning about Macrame art, they laughed at me and thought it would be unable for me to make any Macrame product.

However they had to be surprised when I gave them the first Macrame products.

For my opinion, the Macrame art is the challenge of the hands, the challenge of creativity, the challenge of all senses and the challenge of the abilities of artist and the knitting technique enthusiasts.

My wife and I seem to be addicted to Macrame products when after work and free time, we are devoted to the art of Macrame.

We are happy to make friends with people who share a passion for the art of Macrame.

TDy Corners About Us

The meaning of name: TDy Corners

T means Tan – my name.

D means Duyen – my wife name.

Regarding to letter “y”, that is my wife’s choice. She told me that for her, I am a her destiny. So that she want to use this letter “y” in our store name.

About word “Corners”, we think sometimes it is not always nescessary to decorate full your house or room in order to get the beauty. But some corners in your house or room can also make a highlight.

An empty head bed wall, a corner in living room or a small corner in bancony also become highlight if we know to decoate in right way.

TDy corners will be where you find the inspiration for ideas with Macrame product for your corners.

Hope that you will remember our store name: TDy Corners

The journey to bring products to the North American market…

By beginning to make some macrame products for our friends, TDy Corners received some positive feedbacks about these products. So now, I want to introduce these beautiful Macrame products to many people on over the word.

But honestly, as an engineer, I have no so much knowledge about Ecommerce, logistics or some thing like this. I also do not know very well about calculate the fee for selling on Amazon. All are just cost of material, man hours, shipping and Amazon fee.

I just compare my price to others to realize that is competitive price.

TDy Corners hope that it will be convenient for you to purchase our products on Amazon platform as well as FBA service.

These are Macrame products I devoted my Enthusiasm so much to make and introduce to you.

I hope you will feel my Enthusiasm through each meticulous knotting and beautiful products.

TDy Corners Macrame Artis My Dream

My dream

I have a dream of introducing to many people on over the world about some beautifull Macrame products that were made in Viet Nam 100%.

In addition, I hope to be able open a small workshop soon to help poor people in our village having a job and income.

Let’s follow me if you also love Bohemian style and Macrame art.


– Vu Hoang Tan – 

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