6 Notes When Buying And Using Macrame Leaves Wall Hanging

TDy Corners 6 notes when buying and using macrame leaves wall hanging

Besides macrame wall hangings, macrame leaves or macrame feathers are always impressive products by its unique beauty.

Like myself, when I first learned about the art of macrame, the product I was attracted and impressed was a set of macrame leaves with many colors and sizes.

At first glance, many people will think that macrame leaves are easy to make. However, in order to make a beautiful leaf, keeping in shape and having an emphasis is not easy. Especially in the transport and using.

Let’s be with TDy Corners to go through some notes when choosing and using macrame leaves in below sharing.

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I. What is Macrame leaves?

Macrame leaves are leaves created from knotting cotton cords by using the macrame art. The creation of these leaves can be as simple as using cotton cords or can be combined with felt paper and glue, or even paint to create unique and beautiful leaf designs.

Currently, macrame leaves are quite popular for home decor, especially those who love the Bohemian (Boho) style.

II. Notes when choosing Macrame leaves

1. Now the macrame leaves have 3 main types

1.1. Macrame leaves with cotton cord only

This is the simplest and most common leaf type. However, using only cotton cords often makes the leaves not in the desired shape.

Especially in the process of transportation that is not well preserved or during use in the wind, as well as the weight of the cotton fibers themselves, will cause the leaves to be deformed.

This type is looked ugly and lack aesthetic, so nowadays quite a few people prefer.

Some people told that they like the naturalness of the cotton fibers, so even if the leaves are deformed, they still accept and consider this as natural beauty.

How about your opinion? Please give me your comments below the article!

In addition, when I first started learning about macrame, I was confused when in some cases people called macrame feathers instead of macrame leaves.

When I studied more, I realized that in this type of leaf, if it was lengthened, some people would not call it macrame leaves anymore. Instead, people call it macrame feathers.


So if you come across pictures of long macrame leaves on sales pages or groups about macrame but see people calling macarame feathers, don’t be surprised by that anymore.

Would you call the macrame leaf or the macrame feather?

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1.2. Macrame leaves combined cotton cord, felt paper and glue


In order to overcome the disadvantages of not keeping the shape of leaves as type 1. Macrame artists have found a solution by skillfully using a felt paper to help macrame leaves retain better shape.

This method seems to be quite effective and is used a lot in techniques of making macrame leaves.

This is also the type of leaves that are being made and used popularly today.

The outstanding feature of this type of leaf is its ability to keep good shape for a long time, its surface is quite soft, natural and easy to do.

However, if the place you hang is quite windy, keeping the shape is no longer highly effective and especially with unique leaf styles like monstera, this type of leaves cannot be done.

1.3. Macrame leaves combined cotton cord and glue

Although the macrame leaf with a combination of felt paper and glue has solved many problems in making macrame leaf as well as produces a fairly good quality.

However, with the emergence of monstera as a hot trend in home decoration, it has inspired a lot for macrame artists.

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The difficulty in expressing the inspiration with monstera leaves in macrame art is that the leaf structure is so special with holes and slits in the leaves.

So, if applying the technique of using felt paper, it is almost impossible to show the unique beauty of this plant.

This requires that macrame artists work towards using only glue for shaping.


However, very few people can do this well with both closely describing the style of monstera leaves and limiting the glue left on the surface of the leaves to provide the most lively feeling as possible.

In addition, making macrame leaves in this way also takes a lot of effort and time.

So this leaf is quite rare in stores and in groups about macrame.

In return, the beauty of this leaf is considered very special and always attracts a great deal of attention every time any macrame artist shares product images on macrame groups.

TDy Corners has also spent a lot of time and effort researching how this leaf is made and has obtained certain results and received a lot of good feedback on the quality of this leaf.


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In addition, besides the division according to the above 3 types, macrame leaves are also classified into single and set.

With single type, it will be suitable fo you to decorate in areas with small spaces such as above the vanity table or the desk.

With a set of leaves, it will be suitable for you to decorate in areas with large spaces such as the headboard or living room.

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2. Ability to customize the length and create style

Most set of Macrame leaves will have a fixed style. It will be difficult for you to create a different style of hanging due to the short length of cord above per leaf.

So TDy Corners actively spent a long cord above per leaf so that it is easy for you create your style with changing the position and length of the leaves.

This makes it possible for you to refresh the set of macrame leave by hanging in another way after a period of use.

In addition, it also helps you to create your own style, not overlapping with others.

III. Notes to transport or deliver Macrame leaves

3. Package

Making the right shape of macrame leaves is difficult, keeping the leaf in shape during transportation is even more difficult.

The much the macrame artist cares for the leaf, the carrier hardly understands this, so the leaves are often damaged when they reach the customers.

Especially during long-term transportation such as from Vietnam to America or other countries, the problem of preserving macrame leaves during transportation is the most difficult problem.

Currently, most macrame leaves are packaged in paper bags, then put in a carton box. However, in the process of shipping many orders for macrame leaves, I always receive customer complaints about torn and deformed leaves after they receive the product.

From the above request, TDy Corners found the perfect packaging solution when using a vacuum bag for the preservation of these leaves.

Through experiments using a vacuum bag, these leaves have been transported and delivered to customers more easily, minimizing damage to the product.

Now I have peace of mind to know that customers will always receive their favorite macrame leaf in a shape that is always maintained and with minimal damage.

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4. Wooden stick included

If you choose to buy a set of leaves, consider carefully whether the product is included with a wooden stick.

Although the timber is cheap, but it is cumbersome, so transporting the set of leaves with the wooden stick leads to high transportation costs. Especially for suppliers as far away as Vietnam, attaching the wooden stick will be very difficult to transport.

So that many suppliers do not include the wooden stick in their products.

In addition, some customers also like to use the natural wooden stick that they found to hang the leaves to create a rustic and liberal look.

Now, TDy Corners always try our best to include wooden stick into our set of macrame leaves.

Therefore, it can be peace of mind for you to buy our product without any worries.

IV. Notes when using

5. Avoid hanging the leaves in a windy places.

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With the leaves in type 1 and 2, it is advisable to limit hanging in windy places because it will easily damage the shape and ruffled the leaf surface. Or the wind also easily reveals the felt paper behind for the leaves with type 2.

For the leaves with type 3, the wind problem is not serious since both the leaf surface and the shape are held by glue, so it is quite firm.

Although it does not damage macrame leaves with type 3, the wind can still dislodge the leaves. So limiting hanging leaves in windy places is something to note.

6. Note to weight of set of Macrame leaves

Each single leaf weighs only about 100 grams, but a set of macrame leaves with wooden stick included can weigh more than 1.5 kg.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to hang the hook firmly in order to avoid the dropping of hook due to weight of set of these leaves.

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Above are my share in the process of learning, making, transporting and using Macrame leaves.

Hope these shares help you choose to buy suitable macrame leaves wall hanging as well as use them effectively, bringing beauty to your room.

Currently, TDy Corners is also Amazon’s selling partner in North America with FBA service for the macrame product, especially the Macrame leaves.

Visit my store to find more inspiration for your home decorating with Boho style.

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