5 Unique Ideas Of Making Vertical Garden For Your House

TDy Corners 5 Unique Ideas Of Making Vertical Garden For Your House

You’ve got the potting soil, you’ve got the seeds, and maybe you’ve even got a few beautiful planters too. But what good are all of those things without a space big enough to hold them?

Luckily, it is possible to start your own vertical garden even if you’ve got a small backyard or home.

There are many ways to make an simple vertical gardens but still be unique that you can do yourself. Join TDy Corners to explore the following hanging garden ideas.

1. The vertical garden by making rows

The vertical garden by making rows is formed by boxes of many different shapes and designs. Let’s create the style you want.

And then using steel wire or rope to connect about 3 boxes together to form a long vertical garden with many rows (layers).

This garden style is quite suitable for growing herbs and lettuce.


2. The vertical garden with hanging


The vertical garden with hanging is always beautiful and mysterious. This garden is easy to care for and always feels comfortable.

Imagine, you have a hanging flower garden or your lemon tree can be grown this way too!

You also creat the bohemian style for your hanging garden by using macrame plant hanger as below pictures. This style is hot trend recently.

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3. The vertical garden with old shoe pockets

Using old shoe pockets for hanging gardens is the quickest and easiest way. You don’t have to make boxes and connect them together like a garden style number 1.

You just need to put soil and seeds in each shoe pocket. Then, you can hang this on the wall or you can make a metal shelf. Very fast and efficient!


4. The vertical garden by using frame.

You can use a wooden box as a planting frame and mount it on the indoor or outdoor walls.

In order to ensure that the plant holds onto the soil, let’s design a small internal net to hold the soil and allow the roots to stick.


5. The vertical garden by using shelves.

Have you tried planting plants on the shelves? This is truly an effective vertical gardening solution.

Just be aware that the shelves are deep enough and strong to keep the pots safe from falling. Another way is to make the shelves and plant the plants directly here.

The plants best suited to this planting are drooping vines.

Surely you will have an attractive hanging garden with this method.



TDy Corners has just introduced you 5 ideas of making vertical garden for your house.

Depends on the space in your house, your material and your creation that you can choose the suitable idea.

In my case with small room, I really like to having a hanging garden with macrame plant hanger.

Having my own uinque vertical garden and contemplate them is one of my ways to relax after hard working.

You can also find more inspiration for home decoration with macrame art in my store.

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