5 Notes When Buying And Using Macrame Wall Hanging

TDy Corners 5 Notes When Buying And Using Macrame Wall Hanging

Mentioning to the macrame wall art with many different products and designs, but it seems that the macrame wall hanging always leave the most impression because of their popularity.

Especially, the macrame wall hanging is also considered characteristic of the macrame art.

And in my own experience, macrame wall hangings are currently created by macrame artists with many different designs.

Let’s with TDy Corners learn through the notes before buying and using the macrame wall hanging.

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I. What is Macrame Wall Hanging

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Macrame wall hangings are home decor products and appear mainly in Bohemian (Boho) style or sometimes also found in vintage style.

Macrame wall hanging are made mainly of cotton cords by using knots to form the desired shape.

Currently, macrame wall hangings are increasingly popular in choices for home decoration of many families around the world.

II. Type of Cotton Cords

With the macrame art, not only cotton but also many other materials were created and used such as fabric, felt …..

However, with macrame wall hangings, the main material used is usually cotton cords.

There are 3 types of cotton cords commonly used: 1-strand twisted, 3-strand twisted and knitting.

In particular, it is often easy for the 1-strand twisted cotton cord to be ruffled and scratched if the macrame artist is not careful in the knotting process. However, if the macrame wall hanging was used 1-strand twisted cotton cord, in my opinion, it will be looked softer when viewed up close.


1-strand twisted cotton cord

Regarding to knitting cord, partly due to the high cost, partly due to the structure of the yarn, which makes it difficult to create tassels, so this type of cord is also rarely used.


knitting cotton cords

For 3-strand twisted cotton cord, it can almost overcome the disadvantages of the above two types. Although if you look closely and feel by myself, the macrame wall hanging product using 3-strand twisted cord feels less soft compared to the same product using 1-strand twisted cord.


3-strand twisted cotton cords

However, that is just my feeling, as the macrame wall hangings are often hung high and far from the view, so this difference is difficult to recognize.

Therefore, 3-strand twisted cotton cord is the most used to make macrame wall hangings.

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III. Size and Style

According to my own observation, the size is divided into 4 categories:

1. Small size: the width is smaller than W: 40cm
2. Medium size: the width is about 60cm
3. Big size: the width is about 100cm
4. Very large size: this type is not limited in size and will mainly depend on the specific requirements of each project.

Regarding the design of the macrame wall hanging, it is really difficult to list and classify.

Based on the creations of macrame artists, now there are thousands of different designs, TDy Corners can only introduce a few styles of macrame wall hangings that are often encountered in the learning process:

IV. How To Use Macrame Wall Hanging

The macrame wall hanging is quite easy to use. Just select the position you want to hang, use the hanger or nail to position where you want to hang, then hang your macrame wall hanging.

The positions commonly used to hang macrame wall hangings are doors, bedrooms, living rooms, nursery, entryway….

There is a small note that depending on the size of the wall, choose the appropriate position of hanging. Specifically, with large and medium sized macrame wall hangings, they should be hung at the headboard of the bed or on the big wall in the living room and nursery …

TDy Corners Decorating Living Room with Boho Style by Macrame Wall Hanging (7)

For small macrame wall hangings, you can take advantage of smaller areas such as the fee on the vanity tables or combine other decorative items.

Beside the purpose for decoration, some people also see the macrame wall hangings as a gift for birthdays, Christmas, housewarming…

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V. Is The Macrame Wall Hanging Expensive?

As for the macrame art, in general, 100% of macrame artists can only use their own efforts to create products. This is a unique feature of the macrame art compared to other decorative arts.

This also makes it extremely difficult to commercialize or produce large quantities to reduce costs, or in other words, impossible.

So the cost of a macrame product will be made up of the raw material price, the hours of work and other fees.

The same is true for macrame wall hangings. Beside the price which is made up of raw materials, labor, shipping and packaging costs, the price is also depended on the design and meticulousness of the knots.

Usually macrame wall hangings for small sizes range from $ 60 to $ 90, prices for medium sizes range from $ 100 to $ 150 and prices for large sizes can be over $ 200 depending on the type.

Many of you may wonder about the above prices when you come across some very cheap stores.

According to my research as well as looking at the real product images upon receipt, these products are used low quality cotton cords, the knots are very sloppy, the layout of details is not balanced, so it doesn’t look as aesthetically pleasing as in the description images.


Ugly macrame wall hanging with cheap price

Even some sellers use the tactic of selling low prices but charge very high shipping costs to compensate.

In addition, the source of these products is believed to have originated in China, using cheap labor by poor children or farmers, even prisoners.

Overall, at a low price it is difficult to guarantee good quality and aesthetically pleasing macrame products.

TDy Corners Decorating Living Room with Boho Style by Macrame Wall Hanging (24)

Stunning macrame wall hanging with high quality

VI. Where To Buy Boho Macrame Wall Hanging

If you have a lot of free time, plus the ingenuity and patience, you can completely make your own Boho macrame wall hangings according to the instructional videos on youtube.

However, if you do not have the above, then choosing to buy a macrame wall hanging is a reasonable choice.

You can easily choose macrame wall hangings on e-commerce sites like Amazon, etsy or online stores like TDy Corners.

Currently TDy Corners is a supplier of macrame products and is Amazon’s selling partner with the FBA service in the North American market, so it is quite convenient for buying as well as shortening the delivery time. Helping you soon receive the products you love.

More than anyone, I understand that waiting for a product you love is unacceptable.

VII. Summary

Above are notes when buying and using macrame wall hangings. Hopefully my sharing will help you in choosing a suitable macrame product.

You can also find more inspiration for home decoration with macrame art in my store.

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