5 Notes When Buying And Using Macrame Plant Hanger

TDy Corners 5 Notes When Buying And Using Macrame Plant Hangers

If you are a plant lover and are looking to own or renovate a vertical or hanging garden, macrame plant hanger is always a top choice.

Or if you are a believer of bohemian (boho) style, owning a few macrame plant hanger in the room always helps us to both own green patches, the closeness to nature but still exudes a bohemian look and freedom.

In order to choose the right macrame plant hanger, let’s with TDy Corners learn through below sharing.

I. What is macrame plant hanger?

First, in order to help who do not know so much about macrame art and macrame plant hanger products, TDy Corners would like to talk a little bit about this product.

Macrame plant hanger is a home decoration product and is created entirely by hand from cotton ropes using the art of macrame.

The main function of this product is to hang small plant pots.

Macrame plant hanger products can be found in Bohemian (boho) style rooms decorating or hanging gardens and vertical gardens.

Using this product always brings a unique, new beauty, exuding a sense of freedom for a room or garden, so it is very popular nowadays.

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II. 5 Notes When Buying and Using

1. Suitable plants for macrame plant hangers

It should be noted that not all plants are suitable for hanging by macrame plant hangers. Choosing the wrong plant will make that plant very difficult to grow or maybe broken.

In addition, the inherent beauty of macrame plant hanger was also destroyed. When we look at it, we feel only messy, confined and somewhat out of balance.

It is difficult for the plant to grow

The plants that should be selected are small plants with a height about 20cm. In particular, macrame plant hanger is very suitable for plants with a tendency to hang down.

Another note is to choose plants with good drought tolerance, shade-loving because most plants using macrame plant hanger will be hung indoors.

If you use macrame plant hangers for outdoor plants and have to water regularly, direct sunlight and water will cause the cotton cords to be quickly rotten, reducing the shelf life of the product.

2. Size, style, color and volume of plant pots

Style of pot: Currently, with high aesthetic demand, there are many designs of pot selected for use. However, the spot style is considered to be suitable for macrame plant hanger which are pots with circular cylindrical shape or similar.

Avoid using the square, rectangular, trapezoidal pots … because these pots make macrme plant hanger products unbalanced, reducing the beauty of the product.

Size of pot: we should use pots with a diameter not too 20cm. When using too large pots of plants, it is very difficult to put in and especially the distance between the plant and the top of the macrame plant hanger is reduced.

Therefore, it will look very unbalanced and affect the growth of the tree when the free space above is too little.

Color of pot: Most macrame plant hanger products will be woven from ivory-white cotton cords. This color is quite easy to color-coordinate and suitable with most other colors so you do not need to worry too much about the color of the pots.

Weight of pot: Most these products use a wooden ring as a hanger. This gives the product a rustic beauty, suitable for Bohemian style and gardens.

However, the weak point of using a wooden ring is its durability and not good bearing strength.

So when choosing a pot, you should pay attention to the total weight to avoid breaking the wood ring.

According to the design and usage experience of TDy Corners, with a diameter of wooden ring: 4cm. Then the maximum weight of the pot should be 2kg.

3. Size and style of macrame plant hangers

Macrame plant hanger usually have a length for placing the pot about 60cm. And the total length will be about 110cm.

Currently, the market often prefers 2 types of single (1 tier) and double (2 tiers) macrame plant hanger. In which, single type is easier to use and is used in many decorative patterns.

Regarding to style, the macrame plant hanger has many different styles. With each position and combinations of different knot results in different styles.

Simple styles of knot will take less time than complicated knot. Along with the quality of cotton cords, the prices of the macrame plant hangers vary widely, ranges from 7 $ – 10 $ per product.

4. Notes during using macrame plant hangers

Because it is made of cotton cord, its resistance to direct sunlight and temperature is not too good, so it is recommended to use macrame plant hangers indoor.

If used for outdoor decoration purposes, after a period of use, check the wooden hook, knots and the strength of the cords. In order to prevent the cords and wooden ring from being broken due to direct weather, causing the dropping the pot and damage the plants.

Many suppliers often include metal hooks, so it is quite easy for you to hang these macrame plant hangers in many different places.

In addition, you can also adjust the length and the spacing by using more ropes.

5. Where to buy macrame plant hangers?

Currently, you can easily find macrame plant hangers on e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Etsy, Ebay … and stores selling macrame products.

Now TDy Corners is also selling 5 packs of Macrame Plant Hanger (5 style, 5 hook included).

You can find more about this product in here.

In addition, TDy Corners is currently Amazon’s selling partner and using Amazon’s FBA service to make delivery easier.

So it will be easy and safe for you to purchase and return.

III. Summary

The above are notes that in the process of making and using macrame plant hangers, I have noticed to help you have more information in using this products properly and effectively.

You can also find more ideas for Bohemian home decor with macrame products in my store.

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