21 Indoor Plants Are Both Good For Health And Easy To Take Care

TDy Corners 21 Indoor Plants Are Both Good For Health And Easy To Take Care

Even those who do not have the “hands” to care for plants will appreciate the beauty of indoor plants – if you are one of those, this article is definitely for you!

TDy Corners has compiled the information and names of 21 healthy indoor plants that do not require too much care, from cacti to small interior ornamental plants, suitable for all people.

The feeling of these plants is a great way to create positive energy, add color to the interior space and help you practice your gardening skills.

With that meaning, this list focuses on plants that bring fresh beauty to your home and easily take care:

1. Silver Dollar Vine Plant

If you’re looking for a good drought-tolerant bonsai, succulent plants like Xerosicyos danguyi (scientific name) are a great option.

But you should still prepare pots that are well drained like ceramic or bamboo pots.

Silver Dollar Vine Plant is actually a liana so place it where there is plenty of space above! A location with direct sunlight is best.


2. Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese money plant (or Pilea) has a distinctive look with round coin-like leaves and straight stalks – they look great when planted in low pots like the picture.

This fast-growing plant grows rapidly with just one watering per week (depending on your home temperature).

Plants are suitable for growing in spaces with lots of light, but avoid direct sunlight.


3. Jade Plant

Jade plant (scientific name: Crassula ovata) is a succulent plant and is particularly interesting in its shrub-like structure so you can prune it like a bonsai.

And under the right conditions, the plant can even have pink flower!

Plants can develop into red or light yellow color if exposed to a lot of sunlight, but they require very little water in summer and even less in winter.


4. Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia grows tall and easily make highlight in any room.

This is a healthy indoor plant that is easy to care for, and prefers indirect light and small amounts of food.


5. Oxalis Plant

Oxalis Plant is an indoor plant with native to Brazil, known for its vivid colors from purple to crimson.

Pictured is a tuberous tree and can germinate within a week, and even flower in 10 weeks. Plants look better if planted in brightly colored pots.

They need a lot of time under direct sunlight, around a few hours a day, so be in a location where the most natural light is received!

Growers should not let pets chew on leaves like many other indoor plants. So always use caution when choosing a place.


6. Tillandsia Plant

Tillandsia is a succulent plant. It is also one of the easiest plants to care for – apart from getting water from regular misting, they get all the water they need right from the humidity in the air.

Another plus point of this plant is the lack of a root system, which makes it easy to arrange and arrange in many creative forms such as combined with sea urchin bark as shown.


7. String of Pearls Plant

String of Pearls Plant is an unique indoor plant that absorbs toxic air!

Guests will certainly give the praise for this plant about the delicate tassels carrying round “pearls” overflowing from the pot.

The ideal decoration for String of Pearls Plant is to be hung so that the tassels have some space to hang down, preferably in a location exposed to indirect sunlight.

Planting soil should not be too tight and should not be flooded for best results.


8. Donkey Tail Plant

Donkey tail plant is a unique succulent plant that is grown in pots as shown below.

This plant loves direct sunlight but needs to avoid high temperatures and water frequently in warm weather, but too much water can cause poor growth during winter.


9. Aloe Vera Plant

Beside to being a common ingredient in skin care products, aloe vera is also extremely easy to take care of for those who do not have a “hand” to grow the plant.

This plant is suitable for loose soil and gives best results when placed in a fully light position.

This also makes a great gift for those of you having trouble growing a tree!

Aloe vera can be grown in any plant pot, and they perfectly match any interior décor.


10. Bunny Ear Cactus Plant

Popular with its flat branching shape, an ordinary spiky appearance, the Bunny ear cactus plant looks good in a unique way but needs attention during care and placement.

If you are looking for a cactus that does not require too much care to bring the desert style to your interior, then it is hard to ignore this plant.

Just a lot of sunlight and regular watering in the dry season will give the best results, too easy to care for?

The pots are suitable for this plant include stone pots, light pots or pattern pots.


11. Chinese Water Bamboo

Chinese water bamboo can grow without soil – simply in a pot with little water.

You can even add decorative stones or shells to match your style!

Clumping the tree as shown in the picture ensures that the tree is tall and strong. Just make sure to change the water every few weeks but avoid treated tap water if possible. Or you can switch to a pot with loose soil for a more traditional plant feel.


12. Monstera Deliciosa Plant

Monstera deliciosa (Swiss cheese) plant is a species of flowering plant native to tropical forests of southern Mexico.

These plants with beautiful large leaves are extremely eye-catching and bring a warm tropical vibe into any interior. Monstera deliciosa plant is currently very popular, the special pattern from its leaves is used quite a lot for new design trends today.

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13. Peace Lily Plant

Flowering plants sometimes require a lot of care, but Peace lily plant is the complete opposite.

Although quite easy to care for, but they also have certain requirements such as indirect light, preferably shade, and you should wait until their leaves gently drop for watering is best.

This plant needs a pot that is well drained and has a simple structure to showcase the beauty of white flowers – minimalist style but elegant.


14. Prayer Plant

The Prayer plant is definitely a work of art. The colors on the leaves show that.

Red leaf veins become an effective highlight for an interior space that needs a little color.

The leaves are able to expand and contract on their own based on a day and night cycle, which is interesting to observe during the day.

Like many plants that do not require much other care, indirect light and moisture in the air are sufficient.

You can also place them on the bath room.


15. Rubber Plant

Rubber plants prefer indirect sunlight, moist soil, and high humidity.

The leaf surface has a waxy structure so it can catch the light. This make the plant have an eye-catching appearance.

This plant, also known by its proper name, Ficus elastica – tends to grow quite tall if not pruned so it is considered a good candidate for large pots.


16. Calathea Orbifolia Plant

The striking white streaks against the green leaves make Calathea orbifolia look like a living painting.

This plant requires quite a bit of care compared to some of the others on the list, but it is important that you stay calm and adapt to their “demands”.

Moist soil, well-draining pots, and steady, low-light conditions are a perfect start.


17. Giant White Bird Of Paradise Plant

Strelitzia nicolai or Giant White Bird Of Paradise can grow to over 6 meters tall in ideal conditions and is certainly tall enough to make an impression in any interior space.

While many plants are sensitive to direct sunlight, this plant is well-tolerated.

Keep the soil moist and fertilize every month for best results.


18. Snake Plant

Snake plant is a hard and special plant with leaves with two contrasting colors is an option that cannot be ignored.

This plant grows quite tall and makes great accents for low tables.

Snake plants are resistant to low light, the amount of watering is irregular and many people believe that it has enduring vitality.


19. Ivy Plant

Ivy plants are suitable for a variety of pots, from pedestal pots to hanging pots and even large concrete plant pots or other decorations.

Ivy is extremely easy to impress a space with their colorful foliage.


20. Boston Fern Plant

Nephrolepis exaltata is a common fern that grows with intrinsic energy and wide space.

The Boston fern prefers soil with high humidity and shade.

Their “overflowing” appearance is emphasized more when grown in a hanging pot or even on a normal shelf.

Space is always easy to come to life with this Boston fern.


21. Anthurium Plant

Anthurium plants are especially popular with their endurance, year-round flowering, and the eye-catching red color of the flower with a waxy structure.

Guest who visit your house will hardly believe this is a real tree!

These are indoor plants that require little light. Avoid direct sunlight and allow the soil to dry slightly between watering.



In each living space of about 40 m², it is best to have at least 2 pots of indoor plants to provide health benefits.

According to NASA research, many indoor plants are capable of absorbing up to 85% of harmful substances such as ammonia, benzene, trichlorethylene …, ornamental plants help to significantly clean the air in your home.

In addition, indoor plants also bring essential green energy, making an important contribution to creating attractive highlights in the interior space.

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